Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website?

Neoscroll is a simple website where people can ask and answer questions.

It is meant to dethrone the spammy blogs & other crappy websites you find in search results.

Why did you make this website?

Every time I look up something on Google I get some combination of this:

  • Blog posts with affiliate links
  • Websites overloaded with ads (just look at any recipe website)
  • Low quality "top 10 product in current year!" lists
  • Old, archived, or outdated information, sometimes from long-dead web forums
  • A completely biased, wordy article
  • YouTube videos (sometimes useful, but not when I want a quick answer)
  • A poor quality Quora answer from 2012

This is a frustrating problem. Most questions can be answered in one or two sentences. They don't need long blog posts, but that's what we get right now.

Usually what you do after this point is to type in the same search query, followed by "" so you can see some (hopefully) unbiased discussion about a given topic. I really like Reddit, but it's a news aggregator website, not a question/answer database. Even if you find relevant discussion, it will be spread over muliple threads and is usually archived/locked.

I'm hoping Neoscroll can slowly become a simple way for people to find answers to simple questions they have, as well as see the discussion other users may provide.

How does Neoscroll make money?

Right now it does not make money.

Here are some ideas about how Neoscroll could make money in the future:

  • Non-intrusive advertisements
  • Answer bounties (i.e. "please answer my question and I'll give you $50)
  • Sponsored answers (similar to ads)
  • Awards of some sort (i.e. super upvote an answer)

I noticed you are answering your own questions. Why?

I sometimes post questions and answers as a way to generate content for the site. If my answers are incorrect, I hope it inspires someone to sign-up and post a better answer.

How will you prevent abuse or spam? Are there moderators on this website?

If abuse becomes a problem that I cannot handle alone, I will hire paid moderators.

Can I put affiliate links in my answers?

No. You will be banned permanently.

What's an affiliate link?

A link to an e-commerce website that gives someone a "referral bonus" every time someone clicks it.

Want to see an example? Google "Best webcam 2021" and click on any one of the links on the first page. Any link that goes to Amazon/etc will be an affiliate link. You will usually see something like tag=somewebsitename in the url. That is their referral code.

You ever wonder why it takes 2,000 words to explain what the best webcam of 2021 is? It's because they're trying to make the article optimized for Google. These "articles" don't give a shit about providing good information. They want to direct as many people as possible to their affiliate link.