How do you learn new accents?

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shirinnada 9 months ago

I think the easiest thing is just to get a dialect coach. I know that's how celebs do it.

If you wanna try to learn an accent all by yourself I think you have to just immerse yourself in it and then practice a lot. What I'd recommend is to watch a series where everyone has that accent, then try and pause to repeat what they just said. I learned a bunch of different accents growing up from mocking teachers I hated.

Hope this helps!

rob OP 9 months ago

This is a great answer. I don't think I have the bandwidth for a coach right now, but honestly watching tv shows and practicing that way seems so obvious now.

shirinnada 9 months ago

Go ahead and try it! Which accent are you trying to learn, btw?

rob OP 9 months ago

Italian mobster accent HAHA

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