How do you learn to cook if you know you hate cooking?


I know cooking can save me a lot of money and I know that it's a valuable life skill I want to have but I f***ing hate cooking. A huge part of me hating cooking is because it's so much work but a small part of the reason I hate it is because I don't really know how to.

How can I ease myself into cooking with the end goal of one day being comfortable and content with cooking for myself everyday?

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rob 1 year ago

I think you need to start really, really small.

Tiny, easy recipes. As you build up skills/confidence over time, the harder stuff won't seem so hard.

I know this seems like super common advice for anything, but for me cooking became so much easier when I was able to do things without needing recipes anymore, but that only came after a ton of practice.

shirinnada OP 1 year ago

You're probably right about starting with tiny and easy stuff. Are you suggesting that someone who hates cooking should do a ton of cooking? 🤔

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