How do you turn on Nvidia ShadowPlay?


I can't find it in the settings anymore. What is the new name?

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rob OP 2 years ago

Nvidia ShadowPlay was renamed to "Instant Replay"

How to turn it on:

  • Go to GeForce Experience
  • Go to Settings
  • Make sure "In-Game Overlay" is turned on
  • Go to the In-Game Overlay settings (you can also just press Alt + Z which is the default hotkey)
  • Make sure "Instant Replay" is turned on
  • Go to the settings inside the overlay, and click on "Keyboard Shortcuts"
  • Change the hotkey for "Save the last 5.0 minutes recorded" to whatever you prefer
  • You can also go to the Video Capture settings to change the quality/recording folders, but the defaults should be fine

Now it's turned on. Press the hotkey you set to save the last 5 minutes of your gameplay. Just make sure "Instant Replay" is turned on when you start the game. You can press Alt + Z to double check once you're in game.

If you want to record your own microphone as well:

  • Press the microphone button in the main overlay view and click "always on" for your microphone
  • Go to the Audio settings and check "Separate Both Tracks" to make sure your recordings have separate game and microphone audio tracks, so you can mute yourself/etc later on when editing your clips.
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