How often should I water my indoor plants?


I always seem to kill them lol

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jiggle 7 months ago

Many people overcomplicate this. Follow these rules of thumb:

  • Water when soil is dry. Stick a finger in the soil and if its dry an inch down, water.
  • Water until the water starts draining out the bottom and let it drain all the way out, don't let it stand.
  • Overwatering = watering too often. Don't water too often.
  • More sun = more watering. Less sun = less watering.
  • If you have some weird plants, look it up. But this is what I follow for almost everything.

I can't take credit. I found them on Reddit a while ago and have been following it ever since:

Kaladin OP 7 months ago

Wow this simple. Thanks.

rob 7 months ago

+1 to this. Have been following that Reddit post for a while.

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