Is CBD healthy?

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Zilggy 9 months ago

CBD has been touted as a bit of a "cure-all" in the modern day. Nevertheless, it does have many health benefits that can be valuable to ordinary and ill people alike. CBD is an effective treatment of epilepsy symptoms, especially in some particularly nasty childhood iterations of the disease. It's also been used effectively to combat inflammation and pain, and has had promising results with people suffering from arthritis.

At the end of the day, CBD itself is safe and healthy, The problems you're going to run into with it have to do with it being labeled as a supplement rather than a medicine, which means the FDA does not closely scrutinize the contents. There is a chance that you could have other, unwanted ingredients in your CBD so read the label closely and ask questions. You most likely have nothing to worry about.

This is a good resource where I confirmed a lot of my info

Anecdotally, I've known many people who've used CBD with no ill effects and have yet to meet someone who has had a bad time with it. I'm not sure it's the miracle cure a lot of people seem to think it is, but it's definitely safe to try and I'd be surprised if it wasn't at least a little effective in treating the symptoms it claims to.

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