What is the quickest way to learn a new language?


Is there a tried and true method to the absolute best process to learn a new language and what is it?

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tristan 9 months ago

I really like Duolingo. I learned some basic Norwegian and Danish with it pretty quickly, the only reason I stopped was because I'm lazy.

Shmoobles OP 9 months ago

Thanks, I've heard of Duolingo but never tried it. Cheers!!

rob 9 months ago

I read a book last year called Ultralearning. The author claimed to learn a brand new language within a few months by arriving in a new country and just forcing himself to struggle his way through the local language. He'd then supplement his daily conversational efforts with tutoring/study/vocabulary.

I've never tried it myself, and travel is pretty hard right now, but I can see parallels to how I learned to code.

When I wanted to learn how to make Neoscroll, I just started working on it. I had no idea how to use PHP or Laravel, but I just kept bashing my head against it until I started to learn and understand. I read countless forum posts and StackOverflow comments until I could fix problems I encountered.

Every time I figured out a better way to do something, I went back and updated my code. Eventually, I was fluent.

Forcing yourself to be immersed in a topic seems to be a winning method.

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