What kind of jobs can I get as an English major?


Specifically I have an English literature degree.

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Kaladin 7 months ago

Depends on what you want to do.

Here's some suggestions:

Obvious ones:

  • Stay in academia and pursue a PhD / become a professor
  • Teacher
  • Try to get a job at a publisher/editor

Not so obvious:

  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer (you'd need to learn the technical part, obviously)
  • Content marketer
DorenThomsar OP 7 months ago

Anything else? I'm not that into any of these :/

Kaladin 7 months ago

What exactly are you looking for...?

DorenThomsar OP 7 months ago

No idea to be honest - something that pays well where I get to write a lot.

Shallan 7 months ago

Tons of work in content marketing / copy writing if you know where to look.

They're not exactly glorious jobs though, but high proficiency in English is well paid.

DorenThomsar OP 7 months ago

Where do you look to get started?

Shallan 7 months ago

Find groups on Discord or Facebook where people are doing content marketing or "niche websites" or "niche blogs". Advertise yourself as a really good writer, and get some samples ready. Facebook groups are massive honestly, despite how weird of a vibe it is.

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