What's the proper Stormlight Archive reading order?


Obviously they are chronological, but I heard there was a "cosmere" extended universe and other details from other books.

What should I read if I mainly care about Stormlight Archives?

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rob 9 months ago

If all you care about is Stormlight Archives:

As of March 2021:

  1. The Way of Kings
  2. Warbreaker (optional, not directly a SA book)
  3. Words of Radiance
  4. Edgedancer (novella)
  5. Oathbringer
  6. Dawnshard (novella)
  7. Rhythm of War

In general, the Sanderson recommends reading by publication order. Also, it's not completely necessary to read everything in the right order. Here's more from Sanderson himself: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/where-do-i-start/

Shallan OP 9 months ago

Thank-you! This makes it so much simpler.

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