What should I put in my backyard?


I have a decently big backyard but it's just grass and a few bushes

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jiggle 10 months ago

When we re-did our yard, we add this stuff:

  • a shed
  • birdbath
  • small patio area for seating/grill

It's the little things that make the biggest difference.

DorenThomsar 10 months ago

Humming bird feeder. They're like $20 max. Me and my husband love to see the little birds zipping around

jiggle 10 months ago

Whatever you do, avoid a sandbox unless you want all the neighborhood cats to crap in it

zero 10 months ago

We trashed our old rotten shed and built a greenhouse. It's higher maintenance but we love the fresh veggies that come out of it.

Kaladin 10 months ago

Pergola, firepit, hot tub.

You're welcome.

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