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Kaladin 8 months ago

Pergola, firepit, hot tub.

You're welcome.

Kaladin 8 months ago
  • Go to start menu
  • Start typing (it will start searching)
  • Find the app you're trying to uninstall
  • Right click on it, click "uninstall"

Looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/91vqXuN

Kaladin 8 months ago

Wow this is...so simple. Thanks.

Kaladin 8 months ago

I worked on a landscaping crew one summer. About $2k/day. Depends on the work required as well.

Kaladin 8 months ago

What exactly are you looking for...?

Kaladin 8 months ago

Depends on what you want to do.

Here's some suggestions:

Obvious ones:

  • Stay in academia and pursue a PhD / become a professor
  • Teacher
  • Try to get a job at a publisher/editor

Not so obvious:

  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer (you'd need to learn the technical part, obviously)
  • Content marketer
Kaladin 9 months ago

Here's some research I did:

  • All numbers are for the Greater Vancouver / Metro Vancouver area.
  • All dollars are adjusted to 2021 Canadian dollars.
  • Downpayments in 1975 were actually 25%, but I made it 20% for simplicity.
  • I used a mortgage calculator to get the payment estimates.
  • Only 36% of Canadian families had dual incomes in 1976, in 2015 it was 69%. Family incomes haven't changed, but the rate of working women has doubled.
  • Cost of living has risen dramatically as well, but I haven't included any of that data.
1975 2021 Change
Population 1,200,000 2,600,000 +116%
Average Family Income $80,124 $80,051 0%
Average House Price $320,277 $1,262,600 +294%
Variable Mortgage Interest Rate 8.70% 2.15% -75%
20% Downpayment $64,055 $252,520 +294%
Estimated Monthly Mortgage Payments $2,071 $4,350 +110%

Imagine paying only $2,000 per month for a nice big home in Vancouver. Hilarious.

Obviously the Vancouver of 1975 is much different than modern Vancouver, but housing affordability has become a circus for young people. We have a much higher rate of working women yet total family incomes haven't changed.

Areas around Vancouver have had similar growth rates, so "just move to the suburbs" isn't a good answer.

For most people, real estate is an investment not a home. Low interest rates and skyrocketing prices has made a lot of baby boomers property rich. Home equity loans and other financing options have turned Canadian real estate into a retirement plan for the baby boomer generation.

So yeah, they had it pretty easy.


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Kaladin 9 months ago

You might make a profit now but graphics cards are hilariously out of stock.

Just save up enough money for the 4xxx Nvidia cards and see what happens when they come out.

Otherwise you'll be stuck with no card for potential 10+ months.