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shirinnada 10 months ago

Go ahead and try it! Which accent are you trying to learn, btw?

shirinnada 10 months ago

Try this video, it's a visualized follow-along breathing exercise:

That one is called Box Breathing, where you breathe in a 3-3-3-3 pattern (3-second inhale, 3-second hold, 3-second exhale, 3-second hold).

They have a bunch of different breathing exercises on their app, Calm, which I know has a 7-day free trial period. They have descriptions that help you understand the different exercises better. Some breathing patterns are designed to energize you while others help you unwind.

shirinnada 10 months ago

Yeah, for inspiration I can def vouch for Houzz. You can also find some Pinterest boards that are well curated.

Sometimes I like to watch renovation timelapses on YouTube which can act like a kind of guide. Maybe give that a shot, see if it helps at all? I don't really know any literal "how to" resources though, these are just inspiration content.

shirinnada 10 months ago

You're probably right about starting with tiny and easy stuff. Are you suggesting that someone who hates cooking should do a ton of cooking? πŸ€”

shirinnada 10 months ago

Hmm. Well, on one hand they did agree not to be a troll when signing up by checking the 'Be Nice' box:

"You will not be an asshole, troll people, or intentionally waste the time of other users."

On the other hand if the post does no harm I guess there's no reason to ban people?

It really depends on whether you want this to be a "serious questions only" platform :)

shirinnada 10 months ago

I think the easiest thing is just to get a dialect coach. I know that's how celebs do it.

If you wanna try to learn an accent all by yourself I think you have to just immerse yourself in it and then practice a lot. What I'd recommend is to watch a series where everyone has that accent, then try and pause to repeat what they just said. I learned a bunch of different accents growing up from mocking teachers I hated.

Hope this helps!